Sunday, 8 June 2008

Many hands make light work!

I'm not trying to teach you guys how to suck eggs here - I am sure you will agree that one element of an effective classroom is organisation.

The first crucial weeks of a new class grouping with a new teacher can be a make or break point.

It is important that the children see the classroom as 'theirs' and not merely somewhere that they sit for 5 hours a day.

To build this team spirit I have often implemented monitors badges. It makes it clear what responsibilities are important to everyone, helps the children to be self-policing and stops any 'absentmindedness'!

The monitor badges can be downloaded here:

....I know how it feels and I'm here to help!

It's a sentence uttered in every school, across the country, virtually every day. As a class teacher myself, I am forever facing the delicate balancing act of managing my professional life and personal life - sometimes doing both well, sometimes descending into complete chaos!

However, as I have gained more experience as a professional, I have found more and more effective means of making my professional life easier and more efficient; resulting in a happy and content personal life.

So, I thought why not share it with others - especially as I watch those professionals with less experience making the same mistakes as I did. It's time to break the cycle, stop reinventing the wheel and SHARE!

This blog will be a space in which I can share advise based on my professional experiences - and hopefully learn more from the other outstanding professionals that can be found across the country.


Saturday, 7 June 2008

First helpful post - well I hope!

Hi Guys,
Whilst I'm still launching my new technological baby that is this blog, I thought I would add the first of what I hope will be many helpful documents.

I have added an extensive set of book labels, intended for use with pupil's exercise books. My mind is already turning towards the next academic year and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I have uploaded a fully customisable set of labels, in Word format, on our Google pages at

Take a look - if you like what you see, find them helpful or see any scope for improvement please give me some feedback!